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SusCon Japan is to support sustainability challenge for business sector

Sustainability is now being one of fundamental agenda of business management. SusCon Japan is to support and promote the planning and implementation of business activities contributing to the sustainability of the global society and the planet.

【Event】ESG investment and Natural Capital Risks – the Assessment of Deforestation Risks for Investors - 

Recently, many investors take into account climate change risks when making investment decisions. Meanwhile, t… Read More »


【Event】Workshop ‘Addressing Climate Risk ~ capacity building for scenario analysis’

Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.


Salon de SusCon ‘Disclosure in ESG Era’

This event is only in Japanese. Please refer to the Japanese page.


Salon de SusCon ‘Deforestation and ESG Investment’

This event is for investment community and stakeholders in Japan. Please refer to the Japanese page for detail… Read More »


Reviewing 2017

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