Our Mission

SusCon Japan is a non-profit general association which aims to promote and assist the challenge towards sustainability as a business management agenda. Business sector nowadays needs to respond to the expectation from the global society on its contribution to social and environmental issues we are facing, and for this purpose it is essential to review and transform business operation. SusCon works with companies to make this change happen.

Our work

  1. Organizing sustainability conventions, symposiums, seminars for business sector
  2. Propagating standard and certification heading for sustainability
  3. Facilitation for in-company meeting and training on sustainability
  4. Providing presentation and information on sustainability
  5. Propagating ESG investment and SRI
  6. Other related work to achieve our mission

Founded  14th September 2016

Founder, CEO  Mikako Awano

Board    Yuichi Aoki

Board   Akiko Kimishima

Auditor  Toshiyuki Matsuo